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I just got a new phone. Can I keep my Hopper account?

Great question. Yes, your Hopper account can be signed into from a new device.

You'll still be able to access your account, booked trips, traveler info, and payment info from your new phone.

However, all trip watches are tied to a specific device, which means that you will need to set up new watches on your new phone or tablet.

Here's what to do:

1. To Watch Trips and Get Notifications on Your New Device

When you get a new device, you will need to set up new watches so that we can send you notifications.

When you launch the Hopper app from the first time on your new phone, simply search and set up new trip watches. Make sure you enable notifications as well, which we'll prompt you to do the first time you open Hopper on your new phone. Here are some instructions for setting up push notifications with Hopper.

2. To Sign Into Your Old Account from Your New Device

Simply tap on the Profile tab in the Hopper app and sign into the Hopper account you made on your old device. This will add your booked trips to the Trips tab of the Hopper app. It will also add your saved traveler profiles and saved payment methods so you won't have to add them to your new phone.